Book review

Jane Eyre

My first book review is about my favourite book of all time at this point Jane Eyre feels like a lifelong friend, with ever read the themes of this story become more relevant then ever.

Jane is…feisty. She had to overcome a lot of hardships. Her parents died when she was young, bought up by relatives who didn’t want here who didn’t treat her fairly. But in the end she overcomes this and finds love. A bit like Cinderella. But Jane Eyre is no fairytale story.

While it is written very in depth and is quite romantic and Beautiful. The thing that makes this story so gripping it’s a story of so many twist and turns you don’t expect what to happen next. The main theme being the conflict between love and independence along with Janes struggle to maintain self-esteem and social criticism all things that women continue to struggle with today.

Jane is unlike any other character I have ever read about (but to be fair I haven’t read many books). She never knew love as a child so I no way is she going to compromise herself for some one else and for this I admire her especially when this was written in a time where women were told how to behave in society.

Even when she meets Mr Rochester , this is no love at first sight. But the Brilliant Charlotte Bronte makes it clear that what is in the outside does not reflect on the inside with neither of them being described as lookers, in fact Jane is described as being quite plain. All this means we get a love story based on something much deeper then looks.

But obviously this book doesn’t just end with a happy ending it will truly keep you in the edge of your seat with ever twist and turn. You will laugh and cry as Jane goes through life from child to adult, experiencing love, loss and heartbreak and maybe marriage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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