Movie review

Sleepless in Seattle

When Annie after listening to a widower on the radio decides she must meet him. This film main theme is clearly destiny/fate even if at times Annie comes across as a stalker.

To be fair Most people are already in love with Tom Hanks time they watch this movie so as his character Sam talks about his love for his dead wife, you like Annie can’t help but cry and fall in love him. On top of that his has probably one of the cutest children to ever be in a film and it’s probably the father and son relationship that carries the film more then the romantic plot.

While it’s interesting watching a film where you know the two lovers are destined to be together but are apart for most of the film, it left the ending a bit abrupt which leaves you wanting more but maybe that’s what part of its charm is. As at the end they are united in the most outrageous but cute way that would only existed in a movie.

Overall sleepless in Seattle is Tom Hanks at his best As we root for a man who is not afraid of his emotions and talks about overcoming his grief to find love again.

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