Movie review and it appears am Living the real life Bugs Life .

It’s the good old story of Ant Flick loses food tribute so goes of own his own to fight the grasshoppers and proves at he really is a hero.

Where I think this film really thrives is it’s secondary characters. There’s is at least one character that you will relate to. Which one are you?


“Someday I will be a beautiful butterfly, and then everything will be better” . Let’s be honest we have all been there. After all Glutton is on of the seven deadly sins. We are what we eat and so therefore we must complain about what we eat. We spend most of our lives trying to not look like what we eat in the hopes that one day we will become beautiful butterflies.


Dim the scary beetle. When characters first meet him they are scared due to his size but we all should not judge a book by its cover right. Dim is one of the sweetest characters in the film almost childlike even. Even with a roar literally like the T-Rexes in Jurassic Park.


The ladybird that is no lady in fact he is a drag queen (surely Disney’s only drag queen). That’s right Bugs life were questioning the gender stereotypes long before it was cool to do so. Much to his dismay he has become a mother role to the blueberry troops. He spends most of the film claiming not to be motherly only to be also seen throughout the movie by others as the natural mother they believe he is.

So go and watch Bugs Life while you have time on your hands. It’s about time this classic movie comes out of Toy Story’s shadow.

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