Songs of the week

I am not going to sit here and preach and tell you what to do but if you don’t understand what is going on with the Black Lives Matter movement here are some songs you can listen to, to help you. This is not an issue that has just appeared, its always been there and George Floyds death which thanks to social meida has made people actually listen and think about the issue.

  1. A Change is Gonna Come – Sam Cooke (1964)

What is considered the anthem of The Civil Rights Movement. A song that was on the radio as black Americians were fighting for equality . It has a message that generation after generation believe in. A message that is adaptable to the each goal of the movement.

2. I Wish I Knew How to be Free – Nina Simone (1967)

A song about being able to exercise your rights. Even though over the years those rights have changed the message is still clear and relevant.

3. The Revolution will not be televised – Gil Scot-Heron (1971)

A song about people who sit on the sidelines. If you want freedom, make a change you have to go and fight for it. When you hear it you might think what is he saying but every word is a reference to what was on TV at that time for example “Green Acres, Beverly Hillbillies, and Hooterville Junction will no longer be so damn relevant, And women will not care if Dick finally got down with, Jane on Search for Tomorrow” are all popular TV sitcoms at the time and the point being ” Because Black people will be in the street looking for a brighter day, The revolution will not be televised” .

It’s a shame Gil is not alive to see this new revolution and it will be televised.

4. Freedom -Beyonce (2016)

A song encouraging black women to stand up and be empowered and not be held back by their race. Beyonce talks about how she is going to keep marching and running for her freedom. “I was served lemons but made lemonade”

5. fuck the police – N.W.A (1988)

The police mistreating people because of their race is summed up in this song. A song that is older them me this is not a new issue. This song clearly states what happens far too often. “they have the authority to kill a minority” “Searching my car, looking for the product, Thinking every nigga is selling narcotics You’d rather see, me in the pen than me and Lorenzo rolling in a Benz-o”

6. Black America Again – Common (2016)

A song about being Black in America today. A song where the lyrics speak for themselves.

“Who stole the soul from black folk?”

“And made us go through the back door”

“I know that black lives matter and they matter to us
These are the things we gotta discuss”

“The color of my skin, they comparing it to sin
The darker it gets, the less fairer it has been”

“Tell your political parties invite us
Instead of making broke laws to spite us
You know, you know we from a family of fight trust
Fought in your wars and our wars
You put a nigga in Star Wars, maybe you need two
And then, maybe then we’ll believe you
See black people in the future
We wasn’t shipped here to rob and shoot ya
We hold this truth to be self evident
All men and women are created equal, including black Americans”

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