Bumper Book Review

Today am going to review Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon and Simon vs The Homosapien Agenda by Becky Albertalli. these books have nothing in common apart from the fact that they have been turned in to films (both films have Nick Robinson as the lead and he is pretty easy on the eyes).

Lets start with the more popular one of the two. The book behind Love Simion that has such a big fanbase that is has its own sequel show Love Victor. The main reason for the popularity of Simon is because Simon is gay! Yep a mainstream Teen movie where the main love story is between shock horror two guys.

So what makes Simon so popular, he is one of the most relatable fiction characters that i have come across in a long time. Simon is a male – I am not. Simon is sixteen – I left my teens years ago. Simon is gay – I am not but do find guys attractive so maybe that is something if we ever met we could talk about. Even though Simon claims his sexual awakening was Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter. Am sorry but where did the author get that idea. Daniel Radcliffe should be no ones sexual awaking (sorry Dan but you looked about twelve in all eight films).

So what make simon so relatable, endearing. Simon messes up alot he is far from prefect even clumsy sometimes but that’s just part of growing up. Growing up now thats something everyone can relate to. The themes of friendship, growing up and coming to terms with who you are are all themes explored in many books, but this one seems different. why? the others didnt have Simon. I think am in love with simon, i think i know him. If he was real we so would be friends and that is the charm of this book.

His friends are cool too. He has a close knit of friends. They get annoyed, don’t understand what is happening, get cross when he doesn’t tell them and how he dealt with keeping his secert but they are his friends they turn up when it really matters and suppport him no matter what. I would recommend reading the sequal Off Beat Leah as that delves into the friendship group even more. The most shocking thing is they are not sex craze manics. what? they dont talk/have sex all the time. Yep they are normal 16 years olds. We live in the world Where Teen shows The OC, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl even the more recent Teen dramas that appear to be on Netflix all have 16 year olds have sex. This has even snuck into Young adult books. Its rare when you will read one that doesnt contain sex. The truth is that’s just not the life of most 16 year olds and it’s not how these 16 year olds roll.

I can’t give too much away because Simon says it better and more entertaining then I ever could be. So Pick up this book become one of Simons friends and go on this ride as he navigates his way through high school. You wont be disappointed. (I haven’t even mentioned the Love story between Simon and Blue because whatever i say wont do it justice).


Madeline Whitter has SCID so therefore she cant leave the house ever! Its amazing that a book can make you think about the struggles and the beauty of life. A book that reminds you what it’s like to be youthful, to be free and reminds you to never take it for granted. How much would you risk for love? How big of a lie would you tell to protect the one who is closet to you? The mother who would do anything for her daughter and the boy next door who makes you want more from life. You will be rooting for Madeline from start to finish. And don’t be ashamed if the ending brings a little tear to your eye. It truly is a great book.

Final note both books involve the ‘love interests’ ‘falling in love’ by exchanging emails/IM messages before they meet. Welcome to the new age of dating.

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