TV Review: Now is the time to talk about Black-ish.

The TV show Black-ish will tell you everything about what it means to be black in the USA. Just watch and be educated.

A couple of stand out episodes:

The N-word: In the 25th episode, “The Word”, Young Jack performs Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” at school and says the N word. The rest of the episode discusses the generational and multicultural perspectives of the word. Did you know it has a different meaning to different people? it evens means something different to African Americans. what was unleashed was a funny prime time show tackling an issue that should be talked about more. Mamma Bow thinks it should never be used but Dad Dre thinks its OK to be used by them as long as its not at them. Before you know it Dre is back at his office discussing with this co-workers what words are acceptable and which are not. Discussions like this should happen in real life more.

Police brutality: In the 40th episode, “Hope”, the show tackles police brutality and Black Lives Matter as the family watches the news reporting about an unarmed young, black man’s fatal run-in with police. The debate format of the episode was able to address both sides of the situation, with Dre wanting to teach the children to be afraid of the police, Rainbow wants her children to respect their authority and have trust that the judicial process works and in the process it doesn’t completely make the police force seem like villains. The format also allowed for perspectives from different generations, backgrounds and ideologies. The end of the episode revolved around a message of hope and the importance of protests, discussion, and attitudes when people are faced with tragedies due to police brutality, assassinations, etc.

And there is even a musical episode called Juneteenth. Today is June the 19th, the anniversary of when slavery was abolished in the USA. This episode is a good introduction to the history of that day.

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