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Movie Review: Shelter

Shelter (2007 film) - Wikipedia

Must start of with saying I love Love Simon but i have already reviewed the book this month so he will not be making an appearance during my pride series.

It has a happy ending!!!!! Do you know how hard it to find a gay themed movie where they actually end up happy?

I am not going to go on about how brilliant it is beacuse its not, but if you are a fan of those cheesy made for TV Hallmark type of movies like me, then this will hit the spot.

Boy has dreams but is from a poor neighborhood, has a crap job, loads of responsibilities….you know the type. Surfing though is where he can forget everything and when your best friend is out of town you go surfing with his big brother, cause why not. And before you know it an unexpected romance starts.

The actors have genuine chemistry and the awkward flirting in the early stages is spot on and endearing, even the clichéd friendly tussle leading to their first kiss seems natural and genuine. You cant help but root for Zach and Shaun also they are very attractive which helps.

This film is predictable and uneventful, but it is refreshing to see a film about gay men where nothing horrible happens to them and focuses on their lives rather than the fact they are gay, but i guess that’s the point its like any other cheesy rom-com out there it just happens that in this case the leads are both male.

Gay Films - Shelter | Gay Essential
Told you they were attractive!

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