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TV review: It all started with Ellen

Ellen was a comedy series that ran from 1994-1998.

In 1997, Ellen made television history when the title character came out as a lesbian in the famous “Puppy Episode”. Ellen herself was not yet out in real life but came out on the Oprah show to coincide with the episode. This allowed later episodes of the series to focus on homosexuality and same-sex relationships.

The drama around the episode itself adds to what a big moment this was for television. Ellen was broadcast on ABC which is part of the Disney family and when those big Disney bosses read the script they didnt like it and suggested that they have Ellen get a puppy instead. In fact it took them nearly a year to be persuaded to do this episode.

While this paved the way for many more shows, Ellen lasted for only one more season with season 5 having parental advisory warning and The character was not allowed to have a relationship on screen.

it probably didn’t have the impact what Ellen wanted however It did get conversations started and became the first step to many more TV shows. Without Ellen we may not have had Will and Grace or Ugly Betty.

Ellen (TV Series 1994–1998) - IMDb
these were not her lovers (she wasn’t allowed any).

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