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USA Television moments 70s-90s

  1. All in the Family (1971)

The show that had the first toilet flush heard on television also had the first gay character to appear on American television. The character Steve was in one episode in Season 1 and was never seen again throughout its four seasons.

2. Hot L Baltimore (1975)

From the creators of All in the Family, came a show where two of its main characters were prostitutes, and also featured the first gay couple on American TV. Also Because of the subject matter, the show was the first ABC network show to have a warning at its opening, cautioning viewers about mature themes.

3. thirtysomething (1987)

In the episode “Strangers” the show went under controversy for showing two gay characters in bed together after having sex. When filming the scene the actors were forbidden by the network to even touch each other.

4. Roc (1991)

Roc aired TV’s first-ever gay wedding in the eighth episode “Can’t Help Loving That Man”. Not only is Russell gay but his fiancé, Andrew is white making it an interesting episode as Roc tries to come to terms with his Uncle being gay after many stereotypical jokes.

5. L.A. Law (1991)

In Season 5 episode “He’s a Crowd,” he very first romantic lesbian kiss on primetime happened, but unfortunately one of the characters was written out of the show, and the other ended up with a man. Nevermind at least it was a start, and the rating boost wasn’t bad either.

6. One Life to Live (1992)

Billy Douglas was the first openly gay teen character on a TV series.

Billy Douglas (One Life to Live) - Wikipedia
Billy was played by Ryan Phillippe.

7. My So-Called Life (1994)

But it wasn’t till two years later when primetime caught up with the world of daytime soap, When My So-Called Life character Wilson Cruz became the first gay teen in primetime.

8. The Real World: San Francisco (1994)

In the third season of MTV’s The Real World Pedro Zamora and his partner had a commitment ceremony. This was the first real same-sex commitment ceremony broadcast on national TV.

9. Friends (1996)

Friends was the first primetime TV series to feature a lesbian wedding — they didn’t even kiss! And throughout the 10 year long run he characters often went out of their way to point out they weren’t comfortable with ‘gay stuff.’ I guess you win some, you lose some.

Susan and Carol,
At least they held hands.

10. Ellen (1997)

Ellen was the first show to feature an openly lesbian actress playing an openly lesbian character.

11. Will & Grace (1998)

Will and Grace was the first American sitcom to feature a gay male main character.

12. Dawson’s Creek (1999)

Just because Will and Grace had a gay main character doesn’t mean they showed gay kisses. Dawson Creek beat Will and Grace at their own game and gave us TV’s first romantic gay male kiss. Will and Grace went on to have two men peck as a protest in 2000.

UK TV Moments 70s-90s

  1. Eastenders (1989)

EastEnders became the first UK soap to screen a kiss between two gay men.

2. Brookside (1994)

Another UK soap, Brookside, became the first to screen a lesbian kiss before the watershed, also it was the first British soap to feature an out gay character, good old Gordan.

3. Coronation Street (1998)

Coronation Street had the first ever regular trans character in a soap opera.

4. Queer as Folk (1999)

The show followed the lives of three gay men – best friends Stuart Jones and Vince Tyler, and 15-year-old Nathan Maloney and became a TV show that educated you on rimming, unrequited love, and sexual positions that had never been seen on TV before.

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