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Bonus….TV couples who have paved the way and deserve a mention for just being them.

Willow and Tara,

Willow and Tara were the first recurring lesbian couple on a prime time network series television in the United States. While they were not TV’s first lesbian couple they were shown as consistently affectionate – thats right they actually touched each other. I am still not over the fact that they killed Tara off.

Justin and Brian,

Justin was 17 years old when Queer as Folk debuted. Over the five seasons, he started a Gay-Straight Alliance at his high school, was brutally gay-bashed at his prom, had to learn how to use his right hand again during his first year of art school, created a successful underground gay comic, fought the election of a homophobic mayor, opposed an anti-gay statewide ballot proposition, and achieved acclaim as an artist. He was the first out and proud gay teen on American series television.

Then there was Brian. He was a decent bowler, but not as good as Ben Bruckner. He is extremely promiscuous and narcissistic and very vain . Brian completely rejects ‘heteronormativity’, in which he includes gay marriage and monogamy in general.

Yet somehow these two manage to have a sexual turn romantic relationship over the course of the show.

David and Keith,

David and Keith helped break down stereotypes about homosexuality and race, offering a realistic portrayal of two men in love and became one of the first gay families represented on TV.

Jack and Doug,

Jack and Ethan may have had the first kiss but they weren’t meant to be.

Jack and Doug have known each other for years . However, we never see them interacting with each other because of this we don’t know much about how their relationship started. Doug, is not ready to publicly declare his homosexuality, doesn’t really like being seen around with another guy, also because of the fear of not being respected as a policeman, if people in the force knew he was gay. After Doug says something unkind to Jack, he gets mad at him and decides to take a break. But do not fear Doug apologies to him, the two get back together they decide to raise Amy, the five-year-old daughter of Jack’s best friend, Jen (who dies at the end of the series) together.

Pin on Favorite Couples(Real/Fictional/Fictional Turned Real)

American network television had gay and lesbian characters in both daytime and prime time but many of those characters only made guest appearances, in or received little storyline after their ‘coming out struggle’ . Kevin was different in the fact that he was already out to his family and in the workplace.

Kisses between men had been especially rare on network television with only Will & Grace featuring gay kisses and relationships regularly In the first season of Brothers & Sisters, Kevin had a number of kisses with his love interests, even kissing Scotty twice in the same episode and shared several bedroom scenes together,

Kevin and Scotty’s commitment ceremony was the first one ever between series regulars. Like all marriages on TV they had their ups and downs, but they made it through all 5 season ending the series still married with children.

Zero Kisses Jude On The Court - Hit the Floor (Video Clip) | VH1

Can I start off by saying Hit the Floor is one of the most outrageous shows I have seen, and i mean that in a good way. Zero and Jude are the most functional couple on the show. They have each other’s backs, they plot together, they have great chemistry! and always protect each other. The thing about Zero is he is a well know basketball star and once Zero kissed Jude on the court after winning a big game that’s when you really started to get deeper into their relationship, feelings and their past lives and families. And they’re there for each other throughout that and its beautiful to see.

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