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Movie Review: Brokeback Mountain

Sex Scenes: Revisiting the Sex, Violence, Tenderness and Beans of ...

I Wish I knew how to quit you…….This is more then just a gay cowboy movie.

In the film Ennis tells Jack “There were two old guys shacked up together. They were the joke of the town, even though they were pretty tough old birds.” One day they were found beaten to death. Ennis says: “My dad, he made sure me and my brother saw it. For all I know, he did it.” This sets the tone for the movie and the kinda world these cowboys are living in.

Half an hour of mountains, sheep, changing seasons and minimal dialogue at the beginning of the movie may be a bit much for some people when you have astonishing actors like Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal you know you are in for a outstanding, emotional story and that is what you get.

Its interesting that they never talked about sex, It happens with bare minimal communication they don’t speak before, theres a couple of noises during then Ennis says, ‘I’m not no queer,’ and Jack replies in with ‘Me neither

The film then spans over a 20-year period, where we see deceived wives, bewildered parents and confused kids as Ennis and Jack relationship develops.

Over the years they meet up on ‘fishing trips’. On one of these trips they argue in which Jack reveals his dream to settle down with Ennis, buy some land together and live out the rest of their lives in a peace. The depth of Ennis’s self-loathing is fully revealed when he rejects the suggestion, leaving Jack crushed and defeated.

This is where the movie proves its isnt a gay cowboy love story but a story of two people who have fallen in love but can never be together because of the time they are in. Maybe if these two characters lived in 2020 their story would be completely different.

The single most heartbreaking scene for everyone who watches it, is when Ennis visits Jack’s childhood home after learning of his death. Inside Jack’s wardrobe he finds a pair of their old shirts, speckled with blood and mud, hanging neatly inside each other. The film ends how it began with no dialogue necessary as Heath delivers a performance of a lifetime and we are left with a grieving, broken man who has lost his love.

What did Ennis mean when he said, 'Jack, I swear,' at the end of ...

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